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Family of suicide bomber thanks artist

The family of the suicide bomber Hanadi Jaradat give their thanks to the artist who made the installation with the picture of their daughter. The artwork was vandalized this weekend by the Israeli ambassador in Sweden.

Hanadi killed 21 people when she blew herself up in the Israeli city of Haifa, June 12, 2003. The terror attack inspired Dror Freilers installation «Snövit och Sanningens vansinne» (Snow white and the truth’s madness) where a boat with a picture of Hanadi floats in a blood-red sea. The installation was a part of the exhibition «Making Difference» at the Historical Museum in Stockholm, Sweden.

Zvi Mazel, the Israeli ambassador in Sweden, attacked the installation Saturday when he saw it. He allegedly pulled out the electrical cord of the spotlight that lightened it and finally threw one of the spotlights in the water. He claimed that the artwork showed its support to suicide bombers and anti Semitism.

However, the suicide bomber’s family is proud of their daughter.

«I want to thank the Jewish artist in Sweden who made the beautiful artwork with Hanadi,» said Rahmah, age 53, the young woman’s mother to the Swedish paper Expressen.

Taysir Jaradat, the father of Hanadi, told the paper that the daughter is figuring the media because of Israel’s conduct in conflict in the Middle East.

«The Israeli killed her brother and cousin, and it drove her to a retaliatory action against the restaurant in Haifa,» said Taysir. «The ambassador now tried to destroy a piece of art with a picture of her, and she is in the spot light again.»

The father stated that he was tremendously proud of his daughter’s action, and he whole-heartedly supports such suicide bombings.

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