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Fart costs bank 100,000 dollars

Sist oppdatert:
A fart was the start of a staff conflict that ended up costing the Swedish national bank NOK 760,000 (USD 100,000) in compensation.

According to computer technician Göran Andervass, 44, a colleague visited his office and let out a big, stinky fart, Aftonbladet reports.

Andervass thought the incident was provoking and shouted at his colleague.

After the fart and the following shouting, Andervass and his colleague were called in to a meeting with their boss in the national bank.

"The boss wanted to know why I had been shouting at my colleague. I explained what it was all about, but my colleague would neither admit nor confirm that he had farted", Andervass told Aftonbladet.

The incident was the beginning of a serious conflict, a long sick notice and exclusion from the office.

Göran Andervass was fired from his job on 20 December 2001. According to the human resource department in the bank, the reason was "personal issues".

The bank thinks Andervass was away sick a lot of the time and that he was not following the rehabilitation plan presented to him by a doctor and the social security office. According to Andervass, there was no such rehabilitation plan.

Göran Andervass sued the national bank, and the court sentenced the bank to pay him NOK 760,000 compensation.

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