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Father tortured "possessed" daughters in basement

Sist oppdatert:
A man from Stockholm has been charged for abusing his two daughters and their cousin for several years. The man believed the girls were possessed by evil spirits.

The man who was a church verger, tried to expel the evil spirits by among other things pouring oil, alcohol and spices in the children's eyes.

The 45-year-old father allegedly believed that since things were not going his way, the only explanation must be that his daughters were possessed by the devil. The man abused his children physically, and when nothing helped, he took his children with him to his church in Congo. Since not even the exorcism at the man’s church did gained successful results, they returned to Sweden where the abuse continued.

The girls were given so little to eat that they were undernourished, according to the Swedish paper Dagens Nyheter.

The two daughters are 11 and 13 years old, and their cousin is 13. After receiving a tip the social services found the two sisters locked in the basement of their house while their father was gone on a trip.

The cousin had gone to a church near by to get a free meal. Social services found two fishes and a chicken in the refrigerator. The girls were very weak and stuttered severely when they were found.

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