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Few foreigners in top management

Norwegian companies become more and more international, but in top management only one in ten is non-Norwegian.

The Norwegian companies like Statoil, Hydro, Telenor, DnB NOR, Orkla, Schibsted, and Elkem have no foreigners in top management, according to a survey conducted by the Norwegian television channel NRK among the 15 largest listed Norwegian companies.

The low share of foreigners in top management is strange since many of these companies collect a considerable share of their turnover abroad.

«I honestly claim that for Norwegian businesses, it is just as large a problem that we have too few international people in top managment as that we have too few women,» said Svein Rennemo, CEO at PGS to the television channel. «This does not mean that we should stop working to get more women into management. It is completely necessary, and we must accelerate the work, but we are poor at bringing in international expertise to our top management.»

In PGS, two of eight in top management is foreigners, but Rennemo would like more.

«In an international company like us, this is the lower figure of what it should be,» Rennemo stated.

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