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Fighter planes against Norwegian tourists

Two Dutch fighter planes had to signal with their wings for 20 minutes in front of the charter plane filled with Norwegian tourists before the plane identified itself.

According to Dutch media, it was a dramatic incident that took place in midair when the passenger plane did not identify itself Saturday afternoon.

The fighter planes were allegedly getting ready to shot down the plane, but according to the Norwegian paper VG, neither the tour operator Star Tour nor Ving Reiser was aware of the situation.

«This is the first time since September 11, 2001, that something like this has happened,» said Fred Konnemann, press officer at Eurocontrol, the European organization for the safety of air navigation.

«The fact that Europe was celebrating the expansion of the European Union made the situation even more dramatic.»

It is still unknown why it took 20 minutes before the pilots in the charter plane saw that they had two fighter planes in front of them. The charter plane is owned by the Spanish company Air Europe.

Civil Aviation Authority Norway was not aware of the incident as the charter operator is not Norwegian and the incident occurred in Dutch air territory.

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