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(Foto: Knut Fjeldstad, SCANPIX)

Fire departments fear fires on New Year's Eve

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Due to the lack of snow in the capital, the fire department fear fires ignited by New Year’s Eve fireworks.

“We view it as a problem that there is no snow,” said Morten Engmann, battalion fire chief at the department for preventative efforts at Oslo fire and rescue department, to TV 2 Nettavisen. “This is really not very good considering New Year’s Eve.”

Engmann said bluntly that the fire department fear fires New Year’s Eve, and he urges everyone to be careful.

“The chance that something is going to catch on fire is much greater since there is no snow on the ground,” Engmann said. “It is therefore very important that everyone is careful.”

May ban fireworks

However, it is not only the lack of snow that worries Oslo Fire Department. According to the paper VG, strong winds are expected something which is not at all favorable when it comes to sending up fireworks.

“We can make an emergency decision and ban fireworks if the reported strong winds in fact arrive,” Engmann said to TV 2 Nettavisen. “But as it appears now, this may not be necessary.”

Also in the Norwegian towns of Bergen and Stavanger on the western coast, the fire departments fear fires this New Year’s Eve.

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