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Sunderland Foto: Foto: EPA/Scanpix

Flo from Sunderland to Siena

After consulting his family, Norwegian footballer Tore André Flo has decided to move to Italy and play for Siena.

Siena and Sunderland agreed on a deal on Thursday and the same evening the Flo family agreed to move from Sunderland to Italy.

Flo and his agent Gunnar Martin Kjenner are off to Italy on Friday to start the negotiations.

"Yes, Tore André Flo has decided to start negotiations with Siena. I am on my way to Italy right now and negotiations may start this evening", Kjenner told TV 2 Nettavisen.

The deal will be for two years and salary will be a crucial point to discuss.

"We do not know what the salary will be yet but Tore André Flo naturally wants a salary he is happy with", said KJenner, adding that they have received hints about the amount.

Asked if the salary will be lower than Flo's salary in Sunderland, Kjenner


"Generally I can not say much about the levels of payment in Italy. We will wait and see".

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