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Flu vaccine stock low

A Norwegian pharmaceutical importer fears that Americans will buy up the entire stock of flu vaccines this winter and put Norwegian patients at risk.

Americans are facing a hard winter as a British vaccine producer called back 40 million vaccines. The lack of vaccines in the US may have consequences for Norwegian patients, reported the Norwegian daily Aftenposten.

Roche, the producer of the flu vaccine Tamiflu, suspects that the American market will buy up the majority of this year’s production.

«I’m afraid we may not get a hold of the dosages we need in Norway if the demand in the US increases this year,» said Unni Gisletun, head of production at Roche Norway, to the paper. «We have now 20,000 treatment dosages in stock in Norway, but we do not think there will be an opportunity to order more if the Americans empties the market.»

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