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Foreign Affairs Department issues Turkey warning

The Norwegian Department of Foreign Affairs is not advising against Norwegians travelling to Turkey after the terror actions, but urges people to be careful.

As of Friday afternoon, 52 people were dead as a result of the four bombs in Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city. Two synagogues were bombed Saturday, and a British bank and the British consulate were attacked Thursday.

Foreign Affairs Department is continuously evaluating if it is safe for Norwegians to travel to countries where the situation is unstable, and the department has now issued a warning to Norwegians to be careful in Turkey.

A press release from the department stated: “On November 15 and 20, 2003, Istanbul was hit by terror actions, killing and wounding many people. There have been bomb attacks in Ankara and Izmir earlier. Norwegians should therefore be careful, particularly when they are in places with large crowds.”

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