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Foreigners think Norway is cold and pricey

Sist oppdatert:
Foreigners do not think of peace-building work or beautiful nature when they think of Norway. Norway is too cold, too expensive, has poor roads and too bad at soccer.

Beautiful fjords and mountains is something many Europeans connect with Norway, but almost nobody seems to associate Norway with peace-building work when they are asked to point out the most positive thing about Norway, according to a survey conducted by KRC Research in connection with Norway’s Centennial Anniversary 1905-2005.

«We want a debate regarding Norwegian identity and Norway’s place in the international society,» said Jan Erik Raanes, leader of the Anniversary, to the Norwegian paper Dagbladet. «In this process we wish to challenge our picture of ourselves by showing other peoples’ views of us.»

And there are lots of challenges: high prices, sour climate, and reserved people are listed as the things that are most negative with Norway. The Swedes are not impressed by the Norwegian education system and definitely not impressed by the Norwegian roads.

The Danes refer to Norwegians poor soccer skills.

A total of 4,000 people in eight European countries participated in the survey.

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