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Fredriksen Norway's richest

Sist oppdatert:
Ship owner John Fredriksen is worth as much as NOK 12 billion, making him the richest person in Norway.

The 59-year-old ship owner has almost doubled his fortune during the last year, and he is now worth NOK 12 billion (USD 1,6 billion).

The financial magazine Kapital presented Fredriksen’s new rating in its list of the 400 richest people in Norway. However, Fredriksen’s wealth is as buoyant as the share rates.

In other words, Fredriksen has pushed Stein Erik “Rimi-Hagen”, the 47-year-old grocery king, down on the high profile list. Rimi-Hagen has, like many of the other finance leaders, experienced a stable year and his wealth has “only” decreased with NOK 400 million. Rimi-Hagen is totally worth NOK 9.1 billion, according to Kapital.

Wealthy brothers

The country’s second most wealthy person is Arne Wilhelmsen, age 74. Wilhelmsen’s wealth and that of this brother, Gjert, has increased in accordance to Royal Caribbean Cruises stock rates, where they own 24 percent. Arne Wilhelmsen is worth NOK 9.5 billion, while his brother is worth about NOK 6.5 billion.

Olav Thon is ranked as the countries third richest person with a wealth of NOK 9.3 billion, which is up NOK 200 million from last year.

Norway’s richest woman, Mille-Marie Treschow, is ranked 29, with a fortune of NOK 1.6 billion.

Some climbed, many fell

According to Kapital’s overview, the rich have not been exempt from the turbulent times. Christen Sveaas, Kjell Inge Røkke, Einar Nagell-Erichsen, Ola Næle and Øystein Tvenge are all listed with a much reduced wealth compared to last year.

Sveaas has seen his wealth diminish with NOK 2.5 billion the last year. Kjell Inge Røkke is listed with a loss of NOK 900 million. Also Bjarne Rieber is noted high up on the list of people whose wealth was reduced. His loss was a little more than one billion.

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