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Free sex help for the physically challenged

Physically challenged individuals may buy sex products on the government’s bill at a sex store in Kristiansand, southern Norway.

If the need is great enough, it is possible for physically challenged individuals to get the money spent at the sex store returned from the national government.

“There are a number of people who get their purchases covered through the social security system,” said Tove Engedal at Duvito-senteret in Kristiansand, to the paper Fædrelandsvennen. “I have worked at facilities for physically challenged where the inhabitants have applied to get the money returned.”

Sean Helge Hoem, manager of the sex store, said physically challenged individuals make up a large part of the customers.

“We have a number of products to give this group a better sex life,” Hoem said.

Interest groups focusing on the rights of physically challenged individuals are positive to the fact that members may get their sex aids paid for by the government. Leiv Nyegaard-Larsen, county chief of Landsforeningen for Slagrammede, said he wants to remind people that physically challenged people also have a need for sex just as other people.

“I think it is perfectly all right if they get that type of help after they have discussed it with their doctor,” Nyegaard-Larsen said, according to the Norwegian news bureau.

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