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Frighten kids with fast trains

Jernbaneverket played it hard when the company was trying to tell kids in Vennesla to stay off the train tracks.

According to Fædrelandsvennen, Jernbaneberket is working with schools when it is trying to tell school children it is dangerous to walk on train tracks. Company representatives lined the children from the Moseby school up a meter from the tracks, and with only a fence separating the children and the track. The children were going to get a taste of the train fast travelling Signatur.


“You have to stand close to the chain-link fence, so close that your nose touches the fence and look strait ahead,” said Johnny Vatne, safety advisor at Jernbaneverket to the school children.

As they were gazing strait ahead, the students did not notice the quiet travelling train Signatur approaching. Seconds later the massive train pulled passed them at a speed of 90 kilometres per hour. The wind pressure hit the children right in the face. According to the paper, some of the students were so startled that they jumped.

Like being hit

“I was really startled,” said the third grader Glenn Kevin Storkås.

“It was just as if I was hit by the train,” said Susanne Fiva Seland, another third grader.

And that was just the intent.


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