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Gang attacks "wrong" journalist

Foto: Natt&Dag
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Natt&Dag journalist Bård Torgersen wrote an article about how to get sex from Muslim women. A boy gang was going to beat him up because of it, but the wrong Bård Torgersen became a victim of their anger.

Around 7:30 p.m. Monday approximately 15 young men ages 15 to 18, described as being of Pakistani heritage, attacked the poor man who happened to have the same name as the journalist.

Black and blue


“I was on my way up the stairs to my apartment when I was stopped by about 15 Pakistani boys who wondered if I was Bård Torgersen. I said that I was and they asked for my ID. After looking at my driver’s licences, they wanted further proof that I was Bård Torgersen. When I opened my wallet again, they happened to see my rebate card from Natt&Dag, and they attacked,” said the 31-year-old to the Norwegian daily Aftenposten.

He has no connection to the paper Natt&Dag and he is upset by the incident.

“I got a real overhaul, and I am black and blue,” Torgersen said.

Neighbour got the same treatment

A neighbour who by chance came walking by got the same treatment when he saw what was happening.

Torgersen was sent to the doctor’s office Monday, and the doctor concluded that he escaped the incident without receiving any serious injuries.

The gang was apparently upset because of Natt&Dag’s “sex guide” that provided rather bold pictures of Muslim women.

No arrests made

According to Gaute Drevdal, editor of Natt&Dag, the article is an attempt to start a discussion about the sexual liberation among Muslim women.

The gang had disappeared when the police arrived at Torgersen’s apartment Monday evening, but the case is being investigated. As of Tuesday no arrests had been made.

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