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Germans tourists missing at sea

The search for the three missing German tourists in Sokndal, Rogaland, who disappeared Friday, was resumed in the early morning hours Tuesday. The police do not think they are still alive.

“We are continuing the search today, among other things with the coast guard ship KV Lafjord, but we are working out from the assumption that they are dead,” said Trygve Eeg Tunes, officer at Rogaland police district to TV 2 Nettavisen.

The rescue service in Southern Norway concluded its operation last night, and the police took over the responsibility for the continued search after the three tourists.

Bad weather

The reason why the police assume the tourists no longer are alive is because they have not found anything yet, and they have been missing for a long time. Furthermore, the water temperature in the area is low.

“They rented a 14 foot boat Friday. They were going out at sea to fish, and since then nobody have seen them. The weather was bad, and there were bad conditions at sea,” Eeg Tunes said.

The three missing tourists are 22, 35, and 42 years old, and they had rented a vacation apartment in Rekefjord, Sokndal. They were reported missing Monday.

Next of kin have been informed of the situation through the German embassy, according to Eeg Tunes.


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