Girl wearing Halloween mask kills brother

A Danish girl, age 14, murdered her 18-year-old brother in their family home by stabbing him to death with a bread knife. The police believe she was inspired by horror movies.

19.11.03 09:44

The 14-year-old Danish girl, who allegedly attacked and killed her brother while he was sleeping in his bed, was most likely inspired by horror movies. The mortally wounded boy died about 20 minutes after the attack on the way to the hospital.

The murder took place in the town of Hundested in Denmark, at 6:30 a.m. Sunday. The children’s father woke up because of noise from his son’s room.

The sight that allegedly met the sleep-drunken father was his 14-year-old daughter sitting on top of her brother stabbing him with a bread knife. She was wearing a coveralls and a Halloween mask. The father tried to stop the attack, but the girl turned on him and he received several stabs to his head and arms. Before the man could react, the girl took off in the family’s car, a red Hyundai Pony.

Car chase

The girl was found due to tips from the public. After an allegedly dramatic car chase, three police cars managed to force the girl to stop by closing her in. Police had to smash the car windows in order to get to the girl, and she was then arrested without any further incidence.

Inspired by a horror movie

Danish police believes horror movies like “Halloween” may have inspired the girl. The girl was allegedly very interested in the occult, and according to her friends, she watched “Halloween” almost daily, according to the paper BT. A girlfriend claims the girl fantasised about beating her brother to death, and friends claim that she at one time tried to take her own life by cutting herself with a knife.

Psychological problems

The girl allegedly has major psychological problems, and she has been observed by people from social services in Hundested for a longer period of time, however, she has never been admitted because of her condition.

Since the girl is under 15, she can not be prosecuted. Her metal condition has allegedly been classified as “very poor”, and she has voluntarily been committed to a mental hospital.

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