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Girls are better off without a boyfriend

While young men often are more pleased with life when they have a girlfriend, it’s just the opposite for young women, according to a new Danish survey.

22.09.03 13:01

Young women, age 15 or 16, feel sad, dispirited and nervous. In addition they often have problems sleeping, lack an appetite and are more likely to be displeased with their weight than young men, according to the paper Dagsavisen.

Large gender differences

Every third male compared with every fourth female describes their health as good, according to a survey developed by researchers at the Danish institute for national health.

According to researcher Karin Helweg-Larsen is the conclusion in the rapport is also relevant for young Norwegians in the same age group.

“Even if the Nordic countries have gotten far in the work for equality between the sexes, there are a lot of issues in the way girls are brought up and socialised into society. We are brought up to take what other people think about us, our actions and how we should be into account,” Helweg-Larsen said.

Older lovers and self esteem

The assumption that girls have less self confidence than boys is supported in the new rapport, according to Helweg-Larsen.

“Many of the gender differences are hard to explain. For an example, young women with boyfriends are less pleased with their life than young women who do not have boyfriends. The opposite is the case of young men. We are not sure what the reason for that is,” Helweg-Larsen said.

Girls between 15 and 16 years of age become sexually mature earlier than boys, and they therefore have a tendency to choose older boyfriends. This can lead to uneasiness and make them feel unsure of them selves, something that affects their self esteem and their view of their own health.

Physical activity may be the key

Young men often have younger girlfriends something which may make them feel more worth, Helweg-Larsen said.

Girls with boyfriends participate less in physical activities, while for boys it is the opposite, but what is the same for both genders is that the individuals who engage in little physical activities often feel down and inadequate, and more often have a poorer relationship with their parents.

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