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Goalkeeper's tackle creates waves

ULLEVAAL (TV 2 Nettavisen): The Norwegian team’s goalkeeper brutally tackled a soccer fan who ran out into the field during the game against Spain Wednesday. Frode Olsen’s action has created an audience storm. Watch the video here.

In the early morning hours Thursday, more than 700 of our readers had stated their opinions about the tackle of the audience member.

The Ullevaal security guards did nothing when a man from the audience ran out into the field about 15 minutes before the match ended.

Norwegian goalkeeper Olsen, who had replaced the injured Espen Johnsen, took action. He ran after the man, and brutally tackled him at knee level. The man fell to the ground hard, and he was then escorted out from Ullevaal by the guards.

Frode Olsen in action.
Frode Olsen in action.

But the Viking Stavanger goalkeeper had more up his sleeve. He took the man’s hat, flashed a smile, and as he walked off back to the goal, he received massive applause from the audience and the Spanish journalists sitting in the press box.

“I do not want to comment,” Olsen said to TV 2 Nettavisen after the game. “But I think my saves were more important than the tackle.”

When Olsen was informed that he had received massive criticism from TV 2’s commentators, his answer was short and to the point:

“I don’t give a damn.”

Several of the other players could not help but smile, and most of the comments TV 2 Nettavisen have received from readers applauds Olsen’s action. Many claim it was the most exiting thing that happened during the entire game as Norway was crushed by Spain, and lost a humiliating 0-3.

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