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Government refuses Krekar bill

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Brynjar Meling sent off his bill for more than 1,000 hours for his work for Mullah Krekar to the government, but the government thinks Meling is too greedy.

All asylum seekers in Norway are entitled to a free lawyer for a certain amount of hours. This offer includes Mullah Krekar too. But the authorities claim that Meling is too greedy, and that he has to settle for about one tenth, reported TV 2 Nyhetene.

Demands pay for 1,000 hours
Meling, who until the fall of 2002 was an unknown lawyer, has in a short time become very well known. He demands 1,000 hours for his work for Mullah Krekar covered by the government. With an hourly wage of NOK 770 (USD 113) per hour, plus VAT, the total is close to NOK 956,000 (USD 140,600).

However, county administrator in Oslo and Akershus has cut about 900 of the hours Meling has listed and has decided that Meling has to settle for 80 hours, about NOK 76,000 (USD 11,180).

Meling has appealed the decision to the Ministry of Justice.

Turned down last year
Meling sent a bill with a demand to get about 400 hours covered last year. These hours are added in the current demand of 1000 hours.

Last year, Meling got a blank refusal from county administrator who did not want to cover more than 10 hours.

Meling has previously stated that the bill does not include the hours he has used in the media in connection with the case. Furthermore, the hours did allegedly not include the cases where Mullah Krekar sued the Progress party leader Carl I. Hagen or the formal complaint on Shabana Rehman in connection with her famous stunt.

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