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Government wants to surveillance cars

The government wants to equip all cars with a computer chip in order to collect road duties. The Data Inspectorate is sceptical and fears the system will be used to keep tabs on people.

Along the new main roads so-called antenna points will pop up as an alternative to today’s tollgates, reports the Norwegian television channel NRK:

All cars, which pass such antenna points, must be equipped with a computer chip which identifies and registers the car. Then the registered car owner receives a bill in the mail.

The system would allegedly open up for large savings compared to the current tollgate system.

However, the Data Inspectorate is sceptical and fear the system will be used to surveillance people.

«First of all, when the date is collected there may raise demands that it should be used for other purposes,» said Ove Skåra, head of information at the Data Inspectorate.

Alfred Bjørnlo, political advisor at the Ministry of Transport and Communication, admitted that there may be some issues connected to this which is worth discussing.

«Of course, there are some scruples connected to this, but you should have all possibility to remain completely anonym, and that the Data Inspectorate’s strict rules are followed is the guarantee that this is not going to be abused,» Bjørnlo said to NRK.

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