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Greatest percentage of poor in Oslo

3.3 percent of the Norwegian population was classified as poor in 2001. The percentage is highest in the capital.

According to Statistisk sentralbyrå (SBB), a Norwegian research agency, 8.3 percent of the population in Oslo is classified as poor.

Living alone

“The reason why the percentage is so high in Oslo is that there are many immigrants and many people who live alone,” said Audun Langørgen, researcher at SSB to the daily Aftenposten.

Mosvik township in Nord Trøndelang, Northern Norway, has the lowest number of poor, only 0.4 percent of the inhabitants is classified as poor.

If one views of the income during the last decade and compare the numbers, the number of poor falls to 1.5 percent.

According to researchers, if viewed over a period time students have often a low income and thereby are classified as poor at that point in life, but their income increase significantly when they start working.

Numbers vary

Also people who are on leave, self employed individuals who have short term deficits and stockholders who experience large losses can be defined as poor some years. The number of poor falls therefore over time if compared with people’s income.

The townships with the highest number of poor are on Østlandet, the eastern part of the country, while the lowest of number of poor are on Vestlandet, the western part of the country.

The poverty line was at NOK 93,800 in Oslo, while in northern Norway it was NOK 73,000 because of housing costs.

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