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GRECO praises Norwegian corruption hunt

Council of Europe’s expert unit GRECO claim Norway’s work against corruption is successful, but there is still room for improvement.

Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) writes in a report that Norway has a good system of laws and regulations in connection to economic crime. In addition, GRECO states that Norwegian authorities take the work against corruption and economic crime seriously.

«It is a recognition of Norway, but also the most obligating reference we could get,» said Minister of Justice Odd Einar Dørum, to the Norwegian daily Aftenposten. «It requires us to keep the pressure up.»

The organization suggested a number of improvements in its report of July 2000 which Norway now has accomplished. GRECO has now suggested four more improvements.

The group suggests that police and prosecuting authority should get more training in using the law to uncover corruption. Guidelines should be established for instances where public servants change jobs to private sector. GRECO suggests establishing of rotation of servicemen who work in areas which have a high risk of corruption. In addition, the employees at the Norwegian Tax Administration should get training in reporting economic crime.

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