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Group plans overthrow the king

Sist oppdatert:
A secret group wants to overthrow the Swedish monarch and establish a republic.

«We are going to release the royal children from their slavery,» said Ulf Bergström, public relation officer, to the Swedish paper Aftonbladet.

A secret group consisting of politicians and public relations officers are planning how to get the monarch of Sweden fired.

Meetings at the parliament
The group has already had meetings at the Swedish parliament. The group’s aim is to collect large public support for a republic and then overthrow the Swedish King Carl Gustaf.

According to the advertisement industry’s trade journal, Resumè, the group has had several meetings the last year and reportedly consists of some of Sweden’s best public relation consultants.

The plan is to introduce a number of campaigns next year in order to sway the Swedish people. The goal is to get several celebrities to front the issue.

Not acceptable in a modern society
The Republican association in Sweden has currently 3700 members. They reportedly view the monarchy as a «historical remain which no longer is acceptable in a modern society.»

«The monarchy has to be abolished,» said Birgitta Ohlsson, head of the organization. «It is completely wrong to inherit a position in a democracy, and besides there is just too much over the top royal nonsense.»

Bergström is one of the people behind the group.

«Monarchy goes against all the human rights,» Bergström said. «The royal children have, for example, no private life and they are not allowed to vote.»

Not worried
In spite of the conspiracy, the Royal House is not worried.

«If you view the poll results, they don’t have much of a chance succeeding,» said Ann-Christine Jernberg, press officer at the Royal Court.

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