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Hackers dream of power failures

Computer hackers attack the Norwegian power supply system daily. In a worst case scenario an attack can put entire Norway in the dark.

None of the attacks have been successful so far, but they are still at it, according to the Norwegian daily, Aftenposten.

Daily visits

“We have used large resources on preventing them, and so far has no one managed to break in,” said Rangvald Nærø, group chief executive at Statkraft, the national power supplier.

Also Statnett, which runs the Norwegian electric network, experience daily attacks.

“We have daily visits by uninvited individuals who tried to enter our systems,” said Tor Inge Akselsen, information director at Statnett.

Italy paralyzed

Italy was paralyzed for several hours when the power disappeared Sunday. A few days earlier, several million people in parts of Sweden and Denmark lost power. The east coast of the US suffered the same faith earlier this fall.

The electronic supply system is vulnerable for an attack because the power transfers are computer directed. Computer safety is of the highest priority at both Statnett and Statkraft, but many fear that a lapse in internal routines will create deficiencies in the security network.

Cyber academy

American authorities have used large resources in order to prevent the computer errors after September 11. No hackers have so far managed to carry through any large terror attacks; however, the Washington Post revealed last year that al-Qaida had their own cyber academy where individuals were taught computer warfare.

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