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Hagen opposes Lappish flag

(Foto: Berit Almendingen/TV 2 Nettavisen)
Norwegian politician Carl I. Hagen claims that it is sad and negative that the Lappish flag is going to fly on all public buildings in Norway on the Lapps’ national day February 6.

“The Progress party is negative to this development that is only going to satisfy the most extreme Lapps,” said Carl I. Hagen, party leader. “In stead of bringing everyone in Norway together as one nation with one parliament, this is splitting. The conflict in the north between Lapps and Norwegians has become worse during the last couple of years. This is not sensible.”

First time
This year will be the first time the flag will fly for the Lapps. Hagen attacks the government for allowing it.

“It’s not provoking, but we think it’s sad,” Hagen stated. “This is politics that is going to lead to greater conflicts, disputes, and disagreements, in stead of working for what is our joint country.”

“I think this decision by the government is going to make it easier for Lapps to display national symbols without the continual debate regarding a separate Lapp state comes in to the picture,” said Pål Hivand, head of information at Sametinget, the Norwegian Lapps’ national assembly. “It is nice that entire Norway is enjoying the Lapps’ National Day.”

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