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Handball star wins against former club

Byåsen was not successful in the action against the club’s former player Vigdis Hårsaker when they met in court last week, and the 22-year-old is now probably guaranteed a spot on the All-Norwegian handball team when the team heads off to the World Championship.

Hårsaker’s former club was also sentenced pay the court costs, according to the daily Aftenposten.

Byåsen claims Hårsaker breached her part of the employment contract when she in April signed on with the elite series rival Larvik. On the other hand, Hårsaker claims that she had a consul in the agreement with Byåsen that mades it possible for her to change teams if she was going to study outside Trondheim. She is now studying in Sandefjord, southern Norway.

“We in Larvik are very pleased, even though I never had any doubt that the case would end like this. Vigdis has done very thing right,” said Ole Gustav Gjerkstad, Larvik coach, to the paper.

Byåsen demands compensation, and has appealed the case before Håndballforbundet. Because Byåsen did not return the transfer papers according to Håndballsforbundet’s requirements, the organization gave Hårsaker a special license in August to play at Larvik.

Hårsaker feared that she would miss out on the World Championship in Croatia in December if the case was brought further in the court system.

“I feel that Byåsen use me as a chess piece to get something from Larvik, and I think that is despicable,” Hårsaker said in court when the two parties meet in court in Tønsberg last week.


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