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Hansa receives massive fine

The labels on Hansa’s beer bottles were armed with advertisement for the student festival Uken at the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration in Bergen. The health authorities are far from pleased.

The Directorate of Health and Social Affairs has ruled that the advertisement on the back of 430,000 bottles of beer were illegal, according to the local paper Bergens Tidende.

The directorate has issued Hansa a so-called predetermined compulsory fine of NOK 600,000 (USD 88,000), something which means that the brewery is only forced to pay the fine if they again breach the law within a year.

Ringnes has formerly been issued a similar fine for advertising for the student festival Uka in Trondheim on its beer bottles, and the directorate therefore assumed that Hansa was well aware of the rules and knew that the labels were illegal.

The directorate also reacts to the fact that the advertisement was directed to a young festival audience.

Hansa has informed the directorate that it had intended to used the back labels on the beer bottles to promote different arrangements in the future. The brewery is now allegedly evaluating whether or not they are going to appeal the directorate’s decision.

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