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Health department sceptical to pension proposal

The Ministry of Health claims the new pension system proposal contributes to discrimination between the sexes and fears qualified workers will seek other employment.

The Norwegian paper Klassekampen quoted a press release from the Ministry of Health stating, «the selection of a new pension system will affect what professions workers choose to enter into. Because the health sector has a particularly high percentage of female workers, we will therefore recommend that the modernized national security system does not discriminate between the sexes.»

Members of Statens Pensionkasse and municipal pension plans are normally ensured a pension which amounts to 66 percent of their maximum pay. The Ministry of Health warns against changing this arrangement to private ones. Good pension plans are important when the public sector competes against the private sector for qualified workers.

The suggestion from the Pension Commission was sent out for inquiry in January of this year. The Ministry of Health handed in its statements earlier this summer. The Ministry of Finance is in the final phase of its work with its white paper, and according to the ministry, the new pension plan will be able to take effect 2010 at the earliest.

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