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Hen had to be put down after stag party

The police have a thing or two to say to a Fredrikstad man after he and his friends abused a hen at a stag party so that the poor creature had to be put to death afterwards.

A hen was so injured after the stag party that the police were forced to destroy it.

«I’m not familiar with exactly what injuries the hen received, but the injuries on the hen was so serious that we did some work to get a hold of the people responsible,» said Sigrun Mørkesedt at the police department, to TV 2 Nettaivsen.

Mørkesedt said that the incident was most likely a bad joke.

According to the Norwegian television channel NRK, a man at the stag party was reported for animal abuse.

The incident took place Friday night.

The streets of Fredrikstad were crowded when the police got a call that a hen was walking outside a restaurant.

«The person, who has been charged in the matter, was located inside the restaurant,» Mørkesedt said to TV 2 Nettavisen.

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