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High speed in the housing market

New numbers from the housing constructers indicate that more new housing is being built and the sale is sky rocking.

«We have had six very good months now, and we are very pleased about that, but the corresponding six months a year ago were really poor,» said Per Jæger, CEO in Boligprodusentens Forening, housing constructors’ organization, to the Norwegian daily Aftenposten.

Compared to the level a year ago, the number of new projects has increased with almost 15 higher. Many new buildings are being erected in Oslo, while the construction of new housing in northern Norway is very limited. Small apartments are most popular.

The sale of new housing is over 43 percent higher then the first quarter in 2003.

Analysis firm Prognosesenteret has analysed the numbers for housing construction industry and sale. The conclusion is that the market is better than normal.

Jæger said he think that the market will stabilize, and he does not participate an interest increase which will affect the market in a negative way in the near future.

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