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«Høiby stressed by Crown Princess's relationship to father»

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The tense relationship between Norwegian Crown Princess Mette-Marit and her father, Sven O. Høiby, may explain the psychological strain Mette-Marit's brother, Espen Høiby, suffered from when he assaulted his ex-girlfriend, Espen Høiby himself claims.

12.08.03 12:49

This psychological strain may make the court find Espen Høiby not guilty, Dagbladet reports.

Espen Høiby is charged with subjecting his ex-girlfriend to violence on two occasions and the trial starts on Monday.

The media pressure surrounding Crown Princess Mette-Marit and Sven O. Høiby will be used by defence lawyer John Chr. Elden, Dagbladet reports.

Espen Høiby may be found not guilty if the defence pleads that he was unconscious at the time of the incident due to stress factors, combined with a great work load as a newly promoted chief captain in airline SAS.

Family psychologist Gry Stålsett Follesø will be a witness supporting Espen Høiby in the case against him. The respected family psychologist is the daughter of Bishop Gunnar Stålsett.

A total of four psychiatrists and psychologists will give statements in court after observing Høiby and listening to witnesses' explanations.

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