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Hydro's farm occupied in Zimbabwe

Activists have allegedly occupied a production farm in Zimbabwe which is partly owned by Norwegian company Yara.

Sable Chemicals production farm Sebakwe, where the Norwegian Hydro company Yara owns about 20 percent, has been occupied by activists since the middle of May.

Sable Chemicals is Zimbabwe’s only producer of fertilizers. The pumping station at the company’s factory is affected by the occupation, and the activists are threatening to stop all the production of chemical fertilizers at the company, reported the website Norwatch, a Norwegian watchdog organization.

«If the water supply is removed permanently, it will produce great problems and it will have serious consequences, not only for Sable, but also for farmers and companies which are dependent on the supply from the company,» said a Zimbabwean journalist to the website.

Yara stated that the company is not classifying the situation as a high priority issue.

«Due to the current situation in Zimbabwe, this is not a high priority for us, and as it appears from articles from the African press, this is a greater problem for the industry’s clients than for Sable Chemicals,» said Ingegerd Rafn, spokesperson for Yara, to NorWatch.

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