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Hydro leaders fear beating

The Norwegian company is closing down parts of the operations at its aluminium plants in Høyanger and Årdal, and leaders now fear they might be physically attacked when they visit the areas.

In an internal report Hydro’s security officer states that frustrated Hydro employees might take to extreme measures when the company’s top leaders visit on Thursday, according to the Norwegian paper Bergens Tidende.

Eivind Reiten, Hydro’s CEO, writes in a letter to the Minister of Business and Industry that the company is going to close down parts of the operations at the plants in Årdal and Høyanger regardless of what the politicians may think about the measures.

The security report presents advice on what the managers should do to stay safe when visiting the local communities.

The report continues by naming the people who may be the biggest treats, and urges the visitors not only to be on their guard towards the employees, but also the locals.

Tor Steinum, head of information at Hydro, states that the report concludes that there is no need for special security measures in Årdal or Høyanger, and that the report only contains general security advice.

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