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«I didn't sleep with Aylar»

Foto: Scanpix/REUTERS/Ivan Alvarado
Sist oppdatert:
Robbie Williams confirms that Aylar Lie and Lene Alexandra Øien came to his suite after the party Saturday, but he claims he only gave them his autograph.

Aylar Lie was interviewed Tuesday by the magazine Se og Hør, claiming she and her friend Lene Alexandra visited Robbie at his room after the party Saturday. Aylar said she had sex with the super star.

See pictures of Aylar here.
And here.

«It developed rather natural,» Aylar said to TV 2 Nettavisen in regards to what the two models portray as a sexy meeting with the pop star.

TV 2 Nettavisen spoke to Robbie William’s spokesperson Tuesday night. Bryony Watts, main spokesperson for Williams in London, was not available for comment, but Watts’ assistant said that the story presented by the two Norwegian models is not accurate.

«It’s correct that the two girls visited Robbie William’s hotel room, here he signed two books for them, and that’s it,» said the assistant, who in accordance to the agency’s practices wishes to remain anonymous.

Watts said to VG Wednesday that the whole thing is a misunderstanding. The girls were not at Robbie’s at all.

Witnesses, that attended the after party at the 20th floor at the SAS hotel Scandinavia, said to Dagbladet.no, that Aylar and Lene Alexandra were on the 20th floor, but they had to settle for sitting outside in the hallway.

«The whole thing is fabricated,» said one woman in her 30s to Dagbladet.no. «I myself attended the party in Robbie’s suite with two friends, and Aylar and Lene were not there.»

According to the spokesperson, Aylar’s version does not correspond with reality at all.

«No, nothing happened besides that he signed the books,» she stressed.

Neither Aylar nor Lene Alexandra was available for a comment Tuesday night.

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