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Idol inventor wants Kurt Nilsen

Norwegian Kurt Nilsen is apparently wanted by Simon Fuller, the British music master and Idol inventor.

The Norwegian plumber from Bergen, won the World Idol, and got the entire world’s attention. He also managed to catch the attention of Simon Fuller, the former manager for Spice Girls and the creator of the Idol concept, as Fuller apparently wants Nilsen to join up with him.

According to the British tabloid the Sun, Fuller has allegedly predicted Kurt’s future as a bright world star.

“Simon knows that Kurt may become a best seller world wide,” said a source in Fuller’s firm to the Sun. “He has already signed on with a little management firm in Norway, but Simon want to sign a contract with him as soon as possible.”

According to the paper, Kurt’s single “She’s So High” is going to be launched in Great Britain.

Fuller made tons of money on managing the Spice Girls, S Club 7, and the idea of the Idol competition.

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