International group behind card swindle

The police in Oslo and Trondheim have asked Interpol for help in the investigation of a suspected international group that has emptied a number of bank accounts this fall.

Swindlers installed equipment that read cards at ATMs in Oslo and Trondheim in October and then withdraw money from a number of Norwegian bank costumers.

«So far, we have received about 20 reports here in Trondheim,» said Odd Trolseth, police officer at Sør-Trøndelag police district’s economy department, to Avisenes Nyhetsbyrå (ANB). «We fear more people have fallen victims to this.»

Several banks in Trondheim have called attention to the problem the last couple of days. The swindlers have installed their equipment at least two ATMs. Some bank customers have gotten their bank accounts completely emptied.

The police have not managed to confiscate any of the equipment that they suspect is in use and they do not have any concrete suspects, according to ANB. The police have now called on Interpol for help.

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