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Internet worm creates chaos at hospitals

Ambulances with people in need of immediate medical attention had to take long detours when the Internet worm Sasser infected several Swedish hospitals.

It sounds like a catastrophe movie poor plot, but this is true. Lives were at stake when the computer virus infected the infra structure at the Swedish hospitals.

Sasser hit more than 5,000 computers at hospitals in Västra Götaland and in Lund yesterday. Patients in need of acute medical attention in Lund were transported to hospitals in Helsingborg and Malmö because the university hospital’s x-ray equipment was out of order because of the virus.

«The equipment is mainly used in cases of head injuries and complicated fractures,» said Per Längby, the hospital’s press officer, to the Swedish paper Expressen.

At Borås hospital, staff became aware that the Sasser worm could be a treat against the institution’s computers Monday.

«We managed to update 1,600 of 3,000 computers,» said Jan Ola Höglund, head of security, to the paper.

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