Iraq wants oil advice from Norway

In a letter from the Iraqi Minister of Oil, the country solicits Norwegian help to develop the oil industry.

In a letter from the Iraqi Minister of Oil, Thamir A. Ghadhban, to the Norwegian Oil and Energy Minister Thorild Widvey, Iraq’s new government has asked Norway for help to develop the country’s oil industry.

In the letter, which was given access to, the Iraqi Minister of Oil lists several areas where Iraq would like to work with Norway. Ghadhban writes, among other things, that they would like assistance from Statoil and the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate in order to build up computer systems, train oil personnel, and receive technological aid.

«We are positive to collaborate with Iraq when the circumstances are right in regards to security and politics,» said Bjørn Kjetil Mauritzen, political advisor, at the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate.

Nettavisen ønsker en åpen og levende debatt.

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