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Ireland won Miss World

Norwegian Elisabeth Wathne, 21, was one of the favorites and ranked one of the 20 best, but it was Rosanna Davison, 19, who won the Miss World title Saturday.

Rosanna Davison was a clear favorite since the moment she arrived in China several weeks ago. She won the Miss World Beach Beauty title, and her name has been neatly listed on the top of the bookmakers’ lists the last couple days. She was also elected to the winner of Webmaster’s Choice. Needless to say, the odds were in her favor when the final started Saturday.

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Norwegian beauty in the top 20
20 of the 106 participants were elected to the semi finale and Norwegian Wathne was one of these candidates. Of these candidates were five interviewed in front of the audience. The countries were:

Miss Philippines – Maria Rafaela Verdadero Yunon, Miss India – Ami Vashi, Miss China – Qi Guan, Miss Canada – Nazanin Afshin-Jam, and Miss Ireland – Rosanne Davison.

Miss Ireland, Rosanne Davison, won the prestigious title. Miss Canada, Nazanin Afshin-Jam, was elected as first runner up, while Miss China, Qi Guan, was elected second runner up.

Norway was a favorite
There was a lot of fuss Saturday when the beautiful girls participated in a photo shoot together with Jackie Chan, film star and one of the jury members. Other members of this year’s jury were Candace Bushnell, “Sex in the City” author, and Julia Morley, president for and founder of Miss World.

In the weeks before the final, Norwegian Wathne was repeatedly mentioned on the experts’ lists of favorites, and on the final day, she was listed as the second choice with five of the 12 bookmakers. However, all of the 12 had Irish Rosanna Davison as first choice.

Davison was one of the contestants who went directly to the final because she won the Miss World Beach Beauty competition. She also won the Webmaster’s Choice vote where miss web sites in more than 50 participating countries gave their vote. Norwegian Kathrine Sørland won this vote last year.

Miss Australia won a free ticket
Other participates who were guaranteed a slot in the final by winning other competitions were Miss Canada, Nazanin Afshin-Jam, who won the sporting competition, Miss Georgia, Irina Onashvili, who won the talent competition, and Miss Bolivia, Helen Aponte Saucedo, who won the competition of best personality.

In the beginning of Saturday’s program was the fifth competition made public where people have voted on their favorite on the Internet. The winner here was Miss Australia, Olivia Stratton.

Special awards
In the beginning of the show, Miss Peru, Claudia Hernandez, was awarded for the best evening gown, and Miss Albania, Denisa Kola, was awarded the Miss World Scholarship.

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