It's a boy!

Ex-lesbian Norwegian handball star Mia Hundvin (27) gave birth to a son yesterday. Snowboard icon Terje Håkonsen is the proud father.

16.04.04 11:43

TV 2 Nettavisen got the birth confirmed by sources who know the couple personally.

The new mother is now recuperating at the hospital in Asker and Bærum after the delivery of her baby boy.

Mia’s father, the legendary music producer Eirik «Pytten» Hundvin, politely refused to comment Thursday evening.

«I have no comment regarding our private life,» he said and hung up.

The child is Mia Hundvin’s first, while it is Håkonsen’s second. He has a son from a former relationship.

Wanted children
Hundvin revealed for the first time her wish to have children in June of 2003.

«I have always known that I wanted children,» Hundvin said to the Danish magazine Woman. «It would be really great for me to be able to give a child what my parents gave me. They have done a wonderful job with my sister and me.»

Not long thereafter, Hundvin became pregnant, but it was allegedly not planned.

«I will gladly admit that it was no planned to become pregnant,» Hundvin said to the Danish paper BT in February. «It just happened, as so much else just happens to me.»

Earlier in the pregnancy, Hundvin stated that she was «incredibly happy».

Hundvin lives together with Terje Håkonsen in his huge house at Bygdøy in Oslo, and the birth therefore took place at the hospital in Bærum outside Sandvika.

It has been known for a long time that her due date was in April.

Lesbian partnership
In January of last year, TV 2 Nettavisen revealed that Hundvin from Bergen and the eccentric snowboard king was Norway’s new star couple. At the time, Hundvin had just broken up with her Danish girlfriend Camilla Andersen after a three year long relationship.

«I have never viewed myself as gay,» Hundvin explained in an interview with the magazine KK in January. «When you have feelings for someone, you forget if the person is of another sex.»

The new mother has a strained relationship to Norwegian press, and has so far not made any statements to the press. However, she said to the Danish BT in November last year that they would be informed when she was ready to make a statement.

Nettavisen ønsker en åpen og levende debatt.

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