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Jagland wants Norwegian troops in Sudan

Foto: Erlend Aas (Scanpix)
Thorbjørn Jagland, the head of the foreign affairs committee, states Norway’s role in the Sudanese peace process makes it impossible for Norway not to participate in a peace troop.

After the civil war has been raging for nearly 20 years, it appears as if the parties are finally moving towards a peace agreement. Norway has played a central role in bringing the parties together.

Jagland claims it is apparent that a “significant UN or another international troop” must be deployed to oversee the peace when a final peace agreement hopefully becomes a reality.

“It is apparent that the role Norway has played in Sudan makes it impossible to avoid participating in such a troop,” the Labor politician said to the Norwegian television channel, NRK.

Hilde Frafjord Johnson, the Norwegian development minister, claims that Norway has “a high level of creativity according to both parties” because of the role the country has played during the peace negotiations.

The war in the largest country in Africa, has raged since 1983, and the number of dead is estimated to be between 1.5 to 2 million people. An additional 4 million people are driven from their homes.

The final peace negotiations between the government and the rebel movement are supposed to take place December 4.

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