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Journalists get police protection after sex article

The editor of Natt&Dag apologizes for the blasphemy in a story about how to get sex from Muslim women. Due to the attack Monday, the editor and the journalist who wrote the piece have been assigned police protection.

Gaute Drevdal, Natt&Dag editor, apologizes for the fact that the free paper used text from the Koran as an illustration in the story about Muslim women and sex. Both the editor and journalist Bård Torgersen have been assigned police protection.

After the journalist wrote the piece titled “Natt&Dag’s guide to get sex from Muslims,” a man who was unfortunate to also be named Bård Torgensen was attacked by a group of 15 youths outside his apartment. The gang, who have been described as Pakistani, kicked and hit the man for several minutes.


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"This is a frightful attack on free speech. The article is very satirical and mock, in all possible ways, our prejudices. It focuses on the cultural conventions and prejudices. However, Natt & Dag is not a supporter of blasphemy, and I therefore apologize for using a text from the Koran,” Drevdal told Dagbladet.

He stresses that the paper did not in any way intend to attack Islam as a religion, but at the same time, he states that it is cowardly to apologize for the article.

Several security measures

According to the paper VG, the Oslo police have organized several security measures for both the editor and the journalist who wrote the article.

Furthermore, the police are positive that they will locate the suspects connected to the act violence against the unfortunate man Bård Torgensen, who happened share his name with the journalist at Natt&Dag.


Per Edgar Kokkvold, secretary general in Norsk Presseforbund, the Norwegian watch dog organization of media ethics, said he could not recall that there had ever been a Norwegian article that lead to a physical attack on the journalist who wrote it.

“In my opinion, the article in Natt&Dag is just nonsense and stupid, but that does not in any way defend what happened Monday night,” Kokkvold told Aftenposten.

He suggest that second generation immigrants are educated on free speech.

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