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«Kebab shops finance terror»

The local kiosk or kebab shop may be a cover up operation for criminal activity which is financing terror abroad, according to the Oslo police. The Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) is not so sure.

An expert group at the intelligence branch at the Oslo police district has during the last two years investigated the criminal environments in Norway in order to find out if the money pouring out of the country end up in the hands of terror organizations. However, according to the Norwegian daily Aftenposten, the police have not managed to track the money transactions all the way to their final destination.

All the same, 25 named Kurds have been connected to several different networks which allegedly are behind money transfers from criminal activities in Norway to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and other Kurd groups.

PST sceptical
Trond Egil With, assisting chief in the Norwegian Police Security Service, said he is “somewhat sceptical to the conclusion” which he claims have been based to loosely on the collected information.

“PST cannot take responsibility for the evaluations which have been made or the conclusions drawn,” With said to the paper Dagbladet. “We have not contributed to the report.”

He states that the PST is going to study the report and will inform the Oslo police district shortly what they think about their conclusions.

Several of the people who are suspected by the police have allegedly formerly been convicted for serious crimes and are today running smaller and larger establishments in Oslo and other places in the country. Most of the people who are suspected have legal residency in Norway. Several of them are Norwegian citizens.

The police investigators in Oslo have analysed what they claim to be six criminal networks; one Kurdish, one Iraqi (Arabian), one Islamic, one Iraqi (mujahedin), one Somali, and one ethnic Albanian network.

In the report, the police state that it is likely that the Kurdish and the Islamic network are part of financing terror. The Islamic network includes persons from Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Iran and Algeria. These groups are suspected of sending money to the Taliban, Al Qaeda, extreme Islamic groups and jihad networks.

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