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Keiko boosts fjord community population

Sist oppdatert:
It is exactly one year today since the famous Killer whale Keiko moved to Halsa, a small town on the north western coast of Norway.

Following all the commotion in connection with the arrival of the 26-year-old Killer whale, the number of inhabitants in the township has increased for the first time in ten years.

“It is more exiting to live in Halsa after Keiko arrived!” said Mayor Ivar Betten to the Norwegian Adresseavisen.

He suggested early on that the township should adopt the whale, that is known from the Hollywood film “Free Willy”, when the whale swam into the closed-off Skålvikfjorden exactly a year ago. The mayor said that Keiko has only been a positive asset to the community.

Not only the overnight accommodations, the stores, the eateries and the ferries that have experience increase in turnover, but the population decrease in Halsa township has been turn around for the firt time in ten years.

Still between 200 and 400 people visit Keiko’s home every day. During the summer months more than 20,000 people visited to get a glimpse of the Hollywood star.

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