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Killed Norwegian soldier honored

Foto: Scanpix

Several hundred soldiers honored Tommy Rødningsby in a memorial ceremony before his coffin was sent from Kabul Thursday morning.

The plane that flew Rødningsby’s coffin home to Norway left the airport in Kabul just after 7 a.m. Thursday.

Several hundred soldiers and representatives from all the countries participating in the ISAF force, honored the Norwegian soldier in a memorial ceremony at the airport.

The second-in-command for the ISAF force, the German Major General Wolfgang H. Korte, said in his speech that Tommy would be sent home in honor and remembered with respect.

He ended his speech with the following words in Norwegian; «Tommy, thank you. Tommy, may you rest in peace.»

Jon Bjerkeli, the Norwegian field priest, concluded the ceremony with a prayer for Tommy’s last journey home.

The Rødningsby’s coffin was then carried on board at Turkish Boeing-727, while Dutch Apache helicopters circle the airport. The coffin was covered with the Norwegian flag, and it was taken home with four Norwegian soldiers, according to Bjørn Johannessen, Norway’s charge d’affaires in Kabul.

The 400 soldiers participating in the ceremony were from, among others, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy and Norway.

Rødningsby was killed in a missile attack against a military convoy Sunday. As most of the other Norwegian soldiers in the Norwegian force in Kabul, 29-year-old Rødningsby was an experienced soldier, and he had been deployed abroad three times before.

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