King Harald is doing well

Foto: (Foto: Thomas Bjørnflaten / SCANPIX)

Norwegian King Harald is awake and is doing well after the operation where his bladder was removed because of cancer, according to the specialists at Rikshospitalet.

09.12.03 12:53

“His Majesty the King has slept most of the night. He is awake and is doing well. All tests and functions are very satisfactory,” sated a press release from the Royal Court Tuesday morning.

The operation of King Harald has been characterized as very successful. There were no complications, and the doctors stated that they do not think the cancer has spread.

“The King will fully recover,” said the doctors at a press conference immediately following the five and half hour long operation.

It is expected that King Harald will remain at the hospital for a couple of weeks followed by two to three months of sick leave.

Nettavisen ønsker en åpen og levende debatt.

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