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King Harald leaves directly for the X-mas celebration

(Foto: Thomas Bjørnflaten / SCANPIX)
Norwegian King Harald was released from the hospital Friday morning and directly left for the royal county house Kongsseteren at Holmenkollen to celebrate the holidays with Queen Sonja.

“The royal family will in connection with Christmas as usual stay at Kongsseteren during Christmas and New Years weekends,” said Wenche Rasch, head of information at the Royal Court to TV 2 Nettavisen. “King Harald is therefore travelling directly there.”


King Harald was released from the hospital at 10:45 a.m. and the King left the hospital through the main entrance.

According to a press release from the Royal Court, the doctors at Rikshospitalet informed that the King is at good health and having a good recovery. The pathologist’s final check up indicated not signs of remaining tumor tissue or spreading of the actual tumor. The king is considered cured.

A little earlier

According to the plan, King Harald was not supposed to be released from the hospital until a couple of days before Christmas Eve, but since his heath was so good he was allowed to leave a little earlier.

The development of the King’s health since the cancer operation has reportedly been very satisfactory. The specialists who treated His Majesty at Rikshospitalet have always stated that the King would fully recover, and the operation has been characterized as a 100 percent successful.

Admitted for 13 days

King Harald went into surgery Monday December 8 to remove his urine bladder after getting a cancer diagnosis. The operation took five hours, and there have been no signs that the cancer has spread.

The King was admitted to the hospital for 13 days.

The King will be on sick leave for two to three months and during that time the Crown Prince Haakon will function as regent according to the rulings of the Norwegian Constitution, according the Royal Court.

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