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King of Norway declined to samba

When the Brazilian dancers asked the King of Norway for a dance, he suddenly got two left feet and declined the invitation. The Norwegian Foreign Minister was charmed, but also he remained a wallflower.

The royal couple got a musical surprise when His Royal Highness King Harald and Her Royal Highness Queen Sonja Thursday traveled from the capital Basilia to São Paulo.

Several invitations

Earlier in the evening the King had visited the fish market in São Paulo, and he appeared as if he felt right at home. He was just talking and showed great interest, but during the evening the enthusiasm died down.

Late Wednesday evening, the royal couple and Jan Petersen, the foreign minister, were introduced to the true Brazilian rhythms of samba at a coffee conference in São Paulo. Even though, the King received several invitations, he politely declined them all.

However, the foreign minister looked like he really wanted to dance, but he also declined to dance with the Brazilian samba dancers.

6 days visit

The royal couple is on this official visit in Brazil October 7 through October 11 after being invited by the Brazilian president Luis ”Lula” Inacio da Silva.

This is the first Norwegian official visit to Brazil since 1967 when King Olav V visited the country. The royal couple has not been in Brazil since their honeymoon in 1968. King Harald V and Queen Sonja have already visited the capital and São Paulo, and they will spend the rest of the trip in Rio de Janerio.

A large delegation of representatives of Norwegian business and culture travels with the royal couple on this official visit.


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