Kredittilsynet politianmelder Canargo-falskner

Kredittilsynet velger nå å politianmelde personen som la ut en falsk melding om oljeselskapet CanArgo på et diskusjonsforum. iMarkedet har snakket med Kredittilsynet

19.05.08 00:55

Underdirektør Geir Holen i Kredittilsynet bekrefter overfor iMarkedet at personen som la ut en falsk Canargo-melding på et diskusjonsforum vil nå bli politianmeldt.

- Saken er avsluttet. Personen er politianmeldt for kursmanipulasjon, sier Holen til iMarkedet.

Saken til Canargo-falskneren vil nå håndteres videre av politiet, etter at Kredittilsynet og Oslo Børs har sendt over grunnlaget for saken. Personen er altså politianmeldt for kursmanipulasjon.

Falskneren skal ikke ha tatt noen gevinster ved å selge CanArgo-aksjer på meldingen.

Oslo Børs reagerte

Oslo Børs reagerte raskt på den falske meldingen som angivelig var utstedt fra CanArgo-ledelsen. Reaksjonen fra børsen fikk også personen som hadde laget den falske meldingen til å melde seg for Oslo Børs.

- Vi har fått inntrykk av at han ikke helt hadde sett for seg hvilke konsekvenser det kunne få. Han hadde rett og slett ikke innsett alvoret, men det har han nå, sa kommunikasjonsdirektør Per Eikrem ved Oslo Børs til iMarkedet etter at falskneren hadde meldt seg.

Børsen sendte undersøkelsene videre til Kredittilsynet, som nå har avsluttet saken. Politiet tar altså saken videre.

Dette er den falske meldingen:

Dette er meldingen som ble lagt ut på Hegnar Onlines Børsforum:


February 4th 2004 - Tbilisi, Georgia - CanArgo Energy

Corporation (`CanArgo`) (OSE: CNR, OTCBB: GUSH) is pleased

to announce the initial test results of horizontal

production well N22H, in the Ninotsminda Field, Georgia.


Fourth Successful Horizontal Well on Ninotsminda

February 4th 2004 - Tbilisi, Georgia - CanArgo Energy

Corporation (`CanArgo`) (OSE: CNR, OTCBB: GUSH) is pleased

to announce the initial test results of horizontal

production well N22H, in the Ninotsminda Field, Georgia.

N22H is a horizontal well drilled in the central part

of the field and has now been tested at rates in excess of

1,000 barrels of oil per day (bopd). It is expected that

the well will be put on long term production at a rate in

excess of 700 bopd.

N22H, drilled with CanArgo`s Rig #1, is the first of seven

horizontal well to be drilled in the Ninotsminda Field in

2004. All wells have been put on commercial

production with total field production increasing from

approximately 800 bopd at the beginning of 2003, to over

4,000 bopd with the fourth well. The wells are being

drilled by re-entering old vertical wells, thereby

substantially reducing both costs and drilling time.

Operations on the next horizontal well, are planned

to commence before the end of this week.

CanArgo Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Dr. David

Robson said, `I am delighted with the results of our fourth

successful horizontal well. There is no doubt

that horizontal drilling is the most efficient method for

obtaining maximum production potential from the Ninotsminda

Field. We have already mobilised another rig for the next

well. There are at least 5 more horizontal wells planned for 2004, some of which could open up hitherto untapped oil

reserves in both the eastern and western parts of the

field. Georgia.

CanArgo is an independent oil and gas exploration and

production company with its oil and gas operations

primarily located in the Republic of Georgia, and the

Caspian area. Further information on the Company is

available at and at

The matters discussed in this press release include forward

looking statements, which are subject to various risks,

uncertainties and other factors that could cause actual

results to differ materially from the results anticipated

in such forward looking statements. Such risks,

uncertainties and other factors include the uncertainties

inherent in oil and gas development and production

activities, the effect of actions by third parties

including government officials, fluctuations in world oil

prices and other risks detailed in the Company`s reports on

Forms 10-K and 10-Q filed with the Securities and Exchange

Commission. The forward-looking statements are intended to

help shareholders and others assess the Company`s business

prospects and should be considered together with all

information available. They are made in reliance upon the

safe harbor provisions of Section 27A of the Securities Act

of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities

Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. The company cannot give

assurance that the results will be attained.

CanArgo Energy Corporation

Julian Hammond

Tel: +44 1481 729 980

Fax +44 1481 729 982

Mobile: +44 7740 576 139


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