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Krekar seeks help from Amnesty

The suspected terrorist Mullah Krekar is now asking for Amnesty's help to prevent that he is deported from Norway.

Brynjar Meling, Mullah Krekar’s lawyer, allegedly wants to turn the focus away from the criminal case against his client towards the current deportation case.

Mullah Krekar was released Tuesday evening after being held on remand since January 2.

The background for release of Mullah Krekar is that new information has been revealed concerning one of the main witnesses in the case against the Mullah.

At least one of the witness statements, which were the basis for the jailing of Krekar, was allegedly obtain as a result of torture. It is allegedly Mullah Krekar’s opponents Patriotic Union of Kurdistan which is behind the torture.

In addition, according to Mullah Krekar’s family, it was the PUK that was behind the kidnapping of Mullah Krekar’s brother last week.

Lawyer Meling’s point is that since the witness was tortured, it is likely that Mullah Krekar will be tortured if he is sent home.

«We can use Amnesty to get documents on this,» Meling said to TV 2 Nyhetene.

- A farce
Meling claims that Økokrim’s case, the central unit for investigation and prosecution of economic and environmental crime, against the Mullah now resembles a farce.

«I hope we now finally get to end this and that he can now move freely,» Meling said to the press when Krekar was released Tuesday evening.

According to the national daily Aftenposten, Økokrim’s lawyer Erling Grimstad did not wish to comment the case.

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